The Credit Service & NPE Division handles all the development and value generation phases in the workout of real estate-secured non-performing loans, executing the tailor-made economic and financial plan developed by our Advisory Division. This means hands-on involvement from the project management stage right through to the building worksite, and from initial negotiations with existing and new suppliers through to the well calibrated marketing of the property.
The Divisions and their operations report to different companies within the Group depending on their specific responsibilities on the real estate value chain.

Our credit & NPE servicing business

Project management

Our Project Management operations include all the organizational and monitoring activities envisaged for each specific plan.
These include:

  • coordinating the different players involved;
  • organizing and executing the detailed Action Plan specific to each project;
  • setting up and implementing an efficient assessment and control system to ensure compliance with the project’s quality, timeframe, resource allocation and cost parameters;
  • management of all contracts and agreements connected with the project, in tandem with our legal office;
  • relations with credit institutions.

Our Project Management office is also responsible for all sales activities, in particular: agent selection, marketing and promotion, and monitoring of the disposal plan.

Construction and Engineering

Our Construction and Engineering team is responsible for coordinating all technical and construction activities and is the owner of all worksite operations. The team follows up all project stages such as building permits, urban planning regulations, planning, and worksite management. When necessary, members of our team are certified to carry out specific roles required by Italian law, e.g. Worksite Director and Health and Safety Rep.

Debt renegotiation

Projects arising from a critical debt situation get underway by coming together with suppliers with outstanding credit in order to renegotiate and/or waive repayment timelines in order to get work on the property back on track as promptly as possible.


We flank companies in difficulty through our C.R.O. (Chief Restructuring Officer), a manager with experience in both ordinary company management and the various extraordinary restructuring options envisaged under Italian law: according to Art 67, or Art 182bis, i.e. restructuring an indebted company or a business already involved in bankruptcy procedures. The C.R.O. is accountable for all operational and strategic decisions impacting the cash flow established by the Business Plan framework.

Equity Partner

We invest directly in some projects as equity partner. Our decision to participate directly in the equity may be at the request of another financial partner in the project, or in deals that despite their investment potential are not considered appealing to investors.


Our Marketing Office follows all asset promotion activity, from the initial logo concept for each deal and the marketing planning stages, through to the rollout of advertising campaigns and the creation of a dedicated Internet website. Each communication strategy is tailored to the specific project, its cost structure and timeline set down in the Business Plan, and is carried forward in line with the worksite phases through to completion.


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