Over the years we have supported several CESVI projects protecting children in Italy and the world. We firmly believe that children are the future of our societies and must be a key concern as we consider what lies ahead.
Cesvi is an Italian charity operating all over the world to sustain the most vulnerable and weakest members of society, promoting human rights to allow the less fortunate to achieve their aspirations within a sustainable development system.


In Manguinhos, children and young adults face danger on a daily basis. School dropout rates are very high, with the result that many uneducated youngsters roam the streets, becoming easy prey to recruitment by organized crime and so at great risk of getting involved in gang warfare and armed conflict.
Thanks to Héra, Cesvi has now bought and restructured another building, called the “House of Smiles”, at the edge of the favela. Our support has given children aged 3 to 18 a place where they can receive an education, food, psychological support, have fun, and be part of community.

Following the violent earthquake in 2016 that brought central Italy to its knees, causing 298 casualties and enormous structural and economic damage, Cesvi took action to provide psychological and education support to schools and families in the province of Ascoli Piceno, one of the hardest hit areas. As part of this project, Héra supported the “Resilient School”, a program geared to providing parents and teachers with tools to help prevent the psychological trauma suffered by young children becoming chronic.


Each year we try not to miss doing our bit to make Christmas a happy time by supporting Cesvi’s programs in Italy and the rest of the world to safeguard and help severely disadvantaged children or the victims of ill treatment, by providing food, medical care, education, vocational training, psychological support and any other assistance that will give them a better future.


Abi-Cerved, leap forward in the credit deterioration rate in 2023

“Extreme economic uncertainty and negative expectations lead to a first increase in 2023 in the credit deterioration rate since 2012”. This is what emerges from the latest Abi-Cerved Outlook on non-performing loans for companies



A new multimedia classroom for the Manzoni high school in Erba. The classroom, intended for the IT lessons of the school’s students, was equipped with new computers that Héra Holding had the pleasure of giving.



The unstable global economic trend and the decision of central banks to raise interest rates to stem inflation could represent a short and medium-term risk for the performance of NPL operations.


EY: Npe, Italian stock expected to rise up to 402 billion in 2024

The Italian stock of NPE is destined to increase dramatically in the next two years, going from 330 billion in 2021 to 369 billion in 2022, up to 402 billion in 2024.


Italy’s Central Bank: loans belonging to the commercial real estate sector (CRE) are the riskiest

“In the second half of 2021, the vulnerability of Italian banks coming from real estate exposures remained at historically low levels”.


Pandemic, geopolitical crisis and real estate market. How is the sector reacting and what effect on NPEs? The interview of our Managing Director, Paolo Zago, to the Italian Real Estate 4.0 Committee

Crushed between a pandemic and a war at the gates of Europe, the real estate sector is experiencing a particular market phase. Despite everything, years 2021 and the beginning of 2022, compared to the previous year, recorded in our country good signs of recovery with an increase in real estate investments of 6%. However, each asset class responds differently to external conditioning and each requires specific evaluations.


Banks and Npl credits, sale and in-house management

According to the most recent market estimates, a new increase in NPL stocks on banks’ balance sheets is expected in 2022. But in the perspective of a better future management of the problem, it is interesting to analyze the trend of the accumulation/disposal cycle of non-performing loans in the post-international financial crisis period.


The UTPs exceed the NPLs. Specialized managing Non Performing Loans is increasingly necessary

At the end of 2021, the stock of UTPs recorded in the banks’ balance sheets exceeded NPLs for the first time in Italy.


The GACS: an instrument created to facilitate divestments — what developments lie ahead?

As desired by many, the use of the government guarantee instrument on impaired credit securitisations (GACS) has been extended. Approved in February 2016 and extended into May 2019, it will now be valid until 14 June, 2022.  


Héra Holding attended to “Il Sole 24 Ore Utp summit”

The UTP Summit organized by Il Sole 24 Ore Eventi on the 26 of May has highlighted many different and interesting topics.


Real estate: Héra Holding, alongside banks to bring companies out of the crisis

A real estate developer who begins to have difficulty in completing an initiative, paying suppliers and loan instalments with the bank. But instead of going through the different steps of the classification of ‘impaired’ operations (Past due, Utp and, finally, Npl, with all that it entails, it is joined by a specialized company that helps it to get out of the crisis, to complete the work and honour what is due.


Securitisation of proceeds arising from the ownership of real estate

This short article represents an attempt to shed some light and to bring together all the individual information currently available on the “securitisations of real estate”. Its purpose is to deal with the following issues: legislation and structure of vehicle companies; form and tax regime of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for property securitisations incorporation – securitisation – finalisation of the sale of a real estate SPV 130.


Héra Holding at the Credit Village Italian Digital Week

The NPE secured portfolios guaranteed by real estate are experiencing a double crisis, the first one linked to the post-Covid real estate market and the second one linked to performances not in line with the Business Plans hypothesized at the time of purchase.


A day at 3,400 meters. One step ahead

Christmas 2019 saw all the Héra team enjoying a splendid day on Monte Bianco. Starting out from Courmayeur, we reached the first stage in our journey at an altitude of 2,173 meters, where we visited the exhibition on the history of Monte Bianco’s cable car, proceeding on to reach the highest point in Italy, the Helbronner Peak, at 3,466 meters above sea level. Reaching for (and touching) the sky!


Héra Holding attends the Banca Ifis Npl Meeting and networking workshop led by General Manager, Paolo Zago

On 26 September 2019, Héra Holding S.p.A.’s General Manager, Paolo Zago, spoke at the 8th NPL Meeting ( organized by Banca IFIS in the splendid setting of the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido, one of the islands of Venice.


Héra Holding, technical advisor to Héra Zest NPE fund

Zest Asset Management has launched its first fund specializing in real estate-secured distressed loans. Named Héra Zest Npe Fund, this alternative investment fund will purchase NPE (non-performing exposure) from banks or other institutional organizations to turn them into value creation projects.


Héra Holding’s General Manager, Paolo Zago, speaks at MIV DAY at Borsa Italiana (Market for Investment Vehicles)

On 4 September 2019, Héra Holding S.p.A.’s General Manager, Paolo Zago, spoke at the MIV DAY organized by the Italian stock market, Borsa Italiana, entitled “Alternative Investment Funds: #MIV- Market for Investment Vehicles in the Real Economy”.


Héra Holding supports Fc Internazionale (Football Club Internazionale Milano)

Social commitment, rules, accountability, dedication, relationships and sharing. Our Company has a whole set of values in common with the world of sport and soccer.


Structured credit management and value creation of underlying real estate collateral

Héra Holding’s General Manager speaks at the Quotidiano Immobiliare Conference “NPL, investments and real estate: solving problems” Reducing the NPE stock held by banks in recent years has without doubt been both a necessary and decisive move.


Héra Holding presents its new image at MUDEC, Milan’s Museum of Culture

On 27 February 2019, Héra Holding’s new brand was officially presented at MUDEC, the Museum of Cultures in Milan. The guests – clients and friends of the Company – had an opportunity to visit the Banksy exhibition and enjoy an aperitif in the museum’s impressive “Nuvola” hall, decorated for the occasion with the new Héra Holding logo.


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