EY: Npe, Italian stock expected to rise up to 402 billion in 2024

The Italian stock of NPE is destined to increase dramatically in the next two years, going from 330 billion in 2021 to 369 billion in 2022, up to 402 billion in 2024. An alarming situation considering that Italy is already the foot in Europe with a stock that stands at 4.9%, against 2.1% of the European average. The picture was taken by the EY observatory in its market consensus built on three operators (Morgan Stanley, JpMorgan, Ifis). According to the consulting firm, the situation could have been much worse if between 2015 and 2021 the State had not intervened with the sale of subsidized portfolios and the use of GACS, guarantees on the securitization of bad loans. The majority of the new flows, the Report reports, will be UTPs characterized by medium-small tickets (40% under 2 million, 25% between 150 thousand and 2 million). UTP is an asset class with a very complex management, because it requires adequate skills and dedicated strategies, and which could be difficult to implement given the excessive increase of this type of positions within portfolios.

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